HP industrial company

About us

Since 2009 HP industrial company s. r. o. has been providing services in welding control & coordination, NDT controls, quality controls, and pipe fitting, locksmith, and welding works with working groups for Slovak and foreign clients and customers.

We are a responsible, stable, and competitive supplier, within an integrated market operating in several industrial sectors.


We provide complex and professional services, tradition, quality, and flexible solutions for customer needs and requirements.

Our vision is a strong customer-oriented approach to fulfill the customer’s needs. Therefore, we employ only a foreign language speaking and detail-oriented expert personnel, ready to solve any unexpected issues without delays.


The ultimate goal of our company is satisfaction of our customers. So far, we have been receiving only a positive feedback regarding our work and services. Nevertheless, we stay focused on continuous quality improvement of our work.

We hope that portfolio of our satisfied customers will keep increasing, and we will become an established company with a strong reputation in the integrated market.